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    5 Tips for Creating a Visibility Mindset in PR

    Creating visibility for clients is no easy task, but it's important to note that clients have to be ready to embark on this PR journey too. We are talking with Candice Nicole about what it means for clients to have a visibility mindset, how to keep clients relevant, and much more.

    Candice is an Award-Winning Publicist of 15 years and the Founder & CEO of Candice Nicole Public Relations, a boutique PR Agency. She has been recognized by the U.S. Black Chambers, INC as an Emerging Leader in Black Business, named one of the Top 25 African American PR Millennials in The Huff Post, and has appeared in several lists within the PR industry.

    Read below to learn what a visibility mindset is, how to amplify it, and additional PR tips from this PRo:


    Explain to us what a visibility mindset means to you?

    Visibility to me means you actually being visible to the public or wanting to position yourself to be seen. A visibility mindset is when someone is in a space of wanting to embark on the journey of being seen and they are dedicated to making that happen. Many say they are ready to be "seen" but they are still dealing with blocks that will hold them back from pushing forward with opportunities. We also don't want to create that for the client once they hire our agency- we seek to discover if they already have that mindset.


    How do you keep your clients relevant when they don't have news to share?

    Such a great question! We keep our clients relevant by being in tune with what they're doing with everything pertaining to their business or personal brand. When these isn't any news to share, this gives us the opportunity to strategize more and to truly think big and create the "let us just try" to see if this works. In addition, it provides us a great opportunity to curate opportunities for them by creating owned media opportunities (ex: doing a weekly series on IG or FB).



    What are your top tips for prepping your clients for interviews? Do you have a prep checklist that you filter through?

    We make sure our clients have talking points, send questions ahead of time (if provided), and share with them to review the questions but don't obsess as they may not even be asked. We also set up time to have media training with them. In addition, if it's something done virtually, we will make sure they will be in a well-lit area and if something is on the phone, we ask them to be somewhere they will have good reception.



    What tips do you have for pitching thought leaders? What do you always make sure you include in a pitch?

    For thought leaders, it's always important to reference something that is current as that is why we are seeking to position them as a thought leader. We strive to have them being innovators, who are thinking outside of the box.


    What makes a good subject line? Can you share an example of one that worked?

    I would say what makes a good subject line is to get someone's attention as they are being bombarded by hundreds of media pitches everyday. An example of something we will use is:

    "ATTN: Taylor- Entrepreneur to Open up First Grocery Store in Harlem"

    Using the "ATTN" has always worked for our agency.



    What’s your best PR advice you’ve received or given to others?

    The best advice that I always give to individuals is that PR is a marathon and not a sprint. In addition, I share with them that it's a process and you have to be present during the journey.



    What’s your #1 tactic for building relationships with journalists?

    Treating them like the humans they are 😊 Sending warm emails to say hello, introduce yourself, and position myself/agency as a resource for them so they feel like they never need to go far seeking a subject, etc.




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