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    Overheard in Boston: 10 PRos on Their Favorite Things For Summer

    We’re officially into summer, and if you’re like us, you’re grabbing the sunscreen, a water bottle, and a pair of headphones to enjoy the outdoors (well, until the heat gets to us). 


    Having a roster of go-to summer items is a way to make this sunny season fun and a little bit more bearable when things get toasty outside. 


    We recently brought our signature “Coffee with Publicists” event to Boston, where we brought our PR pro community together for connection, camaraderie, and of course, some free coffee. 


    We wanted to hear straight from the source how our community is preparing for summer, and what their favorite things are for ringing in the warmer months.


    Here’s what they shared with us. 



    10 Boston PRos on the Summer Items They Can’t Live Without


    Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do when the UV index is high, and having a fun water bottle is a great way to encourage yourself to drink up. 


    Sara Osborne is a senior account executive at 360PRPlus who knows the importance of a cute and portable supply of water, telling us that herOwala water bottle” is her must-have item because “it’s easy to carry it around.” Hydration on the go, that’s the name of the game! 


    In addition to staying hydrated, you want to be sure you protect yourself from the sun. Caroline Anson, account executive at 360PRPlus, is a sun protection fanatic, who told us that in the summer, sunscreen “is the base of everything I do” and that theCerave tinted sunscreen” is her favorite brand. 


    Molly Reff, account supervisor at 360PRPlus, is a sunscreen fan like her colleague, and shared that the Neutrogena brand is [her] go-to” to “keep in her bag and take with her everywhere.”


    Sunscreen can be a way to keep your skin healthy this summer, but Kate Conway, director at MBooth Health, says that her must-have item for a summer glow is “skincare and the Mad Hippie peptide serum.” 


    Sunscreen is important, but there are other ways our PRos like to avoid rays. Freelance publicist Yaira Matos agrees, as she shared that her “go-to summer item is a nice straw hat” because it “helps with hair control, skin safety, and cooling down” in the summer sun. 


    What’s the fun in putting on sunscreen if you aren’t putting it to work in the water? From Cru of Two PR, account coordinator Allysha Dunnigan’s favorite item for summer is “a bathing suit because I always like to be by the pool, or the lake, or the lake during the summer. I’m a big water girl.”


    Emma Neal is vice president of earned media at Allison, and like Allysha, reports that the summer item she always has on hand is "a fun new swimsuit."


    Also from Cru of Two PR, account executive Chloe Knuckles loves “a pair of sunglasses” and is “more of a lip gloss girl in the summer” for a fresh summer look. 


    Gillian Battese, senior account supervisor at Nectar Communications, agrees with Chloe, citing “[her] sunglasses” as the one thing she won’t be found without. 


    In addition to being a time to soak up the sun, summer is great for catching up on your reading list. Bailey Watroba, senior PR associate at the Boston Public Library, agrees, stating her favorite item to have for summer “is a really good library book.” Pro tip - libraries are air conditioned, what better way to get out of the sun and into your next great read. 


    PR Tip for Summer - Offer IRL Meets with Journos 


    We want to leave you with an actionable tip to start your summer PR off right.


    This season doesn’t mean sweltering heat in all places, so if you’re somewhere cooler, take time to ask a reporter in your area for a coffee or lunch or a walk.


    You can take these indoors too if the heat is too much, but make a deliberate effort to connect and grow your network this summer. 


    We recently heard from Conde Nast Traveller digital director Sarah Allard on this topic for our podcast. In Sarah’s words:


    "I think I actually find it easier when I've met someone in person. So much easier. I feel like it gives me the opportunity to explain the kind of content that works at Traveller, the way that we work as a team, the way we work as a business as well, and how we work with print and how we work with the other markets."


    Let this be your reminder and encouragement to get out and make memories and build relationships with reporters this summer. 


    And who knows, maybe in conversation you’ll find another summer item you can’t live without. 



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