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    Coming Soon to a City Near You...OnePitch Summer Tour

    You may have seen chatter through our social posts or noticed a change in our online header images, but it didn’t feel official without dedicating space on our blog. We’re excited to share that our awesome team here at OnePitch is hitting the road this summer for our first ever Summer Tour to bring our signature Coffee with Publicists event to nine major cities across the US. 


    What’s our goal in doing this? Why now? We’re answering your questions and more in today’s blog, and we hope to see you this summer at a tour stop near you!




    Summer Tour is a series of Coffee with Publicists events from June to August aimed at connecting PR pros (and maybe some journalists) for coffee, conversation, and camaraderie.mer preferences and market trends and analyzing competitor news and data. However you're researching, flexing this muscle will help in any stage in your professional career.  




    Our events comprise publicists from a myriad of industries, on the agency and in-house side, and from all seniority levels. We also try to have journalists, editors, freelancers, and more from the media side. Everyone who works in communications is welcome!






    We decided to embark on a cross-country summer tour when we noticed the value of showing up in person as a PR and journalist community. We’ve hosted numerous events and there’s one piece of feedback that we constantly hear that resonates - the value is in the community. 


    We believe that by bringing PRos together in a casual environment to chat with other folks who “get it” about working in the same field, we can build new connections and help positively shape the perception of the PR industry.




    When and where


    We’re so glad you asked! We’ve got five legs happening this summer, with two stops in each week, expect when we close out in our sister city, SF.


    Pro tip - you can click each city below to be taken directly to its registration page. 


    • Leg 1
    • Leg 2
      • Nashville: June 26th, Wednesday, 9 am ET
      • Miami: June 28th, Friday, 9:30 am ET

    • Leg 3
      • Austin: July 17th, Wednesday, 9 am CT
      • Denver: July 19th, Friday, 9:30 am MDT

    • Leg 4 
      • Chicago: August 7th, Wednesday, 9 am ET
      • DC: August 9th, Friday, 9:30 am ET

    • Leg 5



    We’re making these events happen by bringing our community together in local coffee spots in partnership with some pretty cool sponsors including Seven Sundays, LMNT, Kate's Real Food, and more. We’ll also have rad merch and, it goes without saying, free coffee.


    If you're interested in joining us, simply visit the registration page of the city you'd like to visit, linked above and on our main event page here


    It’s exciting to be able to share this news and even more exciting to think about all the wonderful folks we’ll meet from our community this summer. We hope you’ll be one of them!


    If you have any questions about our upcoming events, you can always reach out right at for a quick answer to what you need. 


    See you starting June 5! 






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