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    Overheard in NYC: 8 PRos on Meeting Online or IRL

    Even though we’re four years out from the pandemic, many of us are still working remotely and looking to build community and connections with PR and media peers. 


    During our recent OnePitch Summer Tour stop in New York City where we brought our signature Coffee with Publicists event to our friends in the Big Apple, we wanted to know…”do you like meeting in person or online and why?” 


    Here’s what we heard from 8 NYC-based PRos and spoiler alert…folks are ready for more in person interaction and fun! 



    8 NYC PRos on Meeting Online or IRL 


    We were fortunate to have a wonderful showing at our event from the folks at PAN Communications, and Bristol Rice, vice president and head of New York region, definitely understands the importance of an in-person meet. In Bristol’s words:


    “I think definitely coming out of the pandemic, we're seeing more people trying to meet in person, which is nice because it's something that we kind of lost for a few years. [It’s] just great to build those connections with folks, especially in a market like New York where there's so many publicists and journalists.”


    Natasha Koleas, account supervisor at PAN, agrees, noting that her “preference is to meet in person” because “it's more authentic, it allows for more organic conversation, and it’s the best relationship builder.” 


    Sometimes, in the case of meeting with reporters who have busy schedules that seem to never be the same day to day, an IRL meet can be harder to come by. Francesca Fallow, account executive at PAN, notes that while “ideally it would be great to meet in person with a journalist” it can be difficult. Francesca isn’t defeated and simply shifts when needed to “a good old Zoom.” Can’t go wrong with that! 


    Relationship building was a big reason we heard echoed about the value of in person connection rather than online. Danielle Simko, account director at Brands2Life, reiterated this to us and shared that she “really enjoy[s] meeting in person” because “you get to learn more about the person than you would by asking questions over LinkedIn or email.”


    Jaclyn Childress, senior account executive at Brands2Life, is also an in person fan because she “like[s] to be face to face” because it “helps with an organic conversation and being able to break the ice. She feels as well that you “get to know people on a deeper level.”  


    Nicole Gergits is PR manager at Taboola, and agrees as well, she’s "definitely in person." She found that the isolation of COVID made it hard "to get things done and meet new people" but now that things have reopened, she's been "making an effort to go to in person events, go to the office, and meet new people." We loved Nicole's optimism that since 2020, things "have come a long way.” And it's only up from here! 

    Katie Easterly, senior account manager at Sprouthouse Agency, “definitely sees the value in face time and that connection” because “you can’t really put a face to someone over email, so it's nice to build that connection in real time.



    PR Tip for for Meeting Folks: Get Creative! 


    We’re leaving you with a PR tip right from our community. There’s also no one right way to connect with someone in person. Madi Boring, account manager at Hunt & Gather, gave us some fantastic intel on recent ways that she’s been connecting with folks in person, noting she’s “a 100% IRL” person. Madi “love[s] a coffee, love[s] a happy hour” but her newest way to connect with reporters is…a pedicure! 


    Madi shared that taking journalists for a pedicure makes it “easy to talk and pamper” and that while other people “go in for the kill with pitches” she prefers to include “relationship building in the broader strategy” of how she works with media. Genius tip! 


    Liked this blog and want to be a part of the next one? Join us on our Summer Tour! All you need re: dates, locations, and more can be found HERE



    OnePitch Recommends


    We had a blast in NYC trying out new spots for bites and sips, and figured we'd leave you with some recommendations that you can visit during your next trip to the Big Apple!


    • Felix Roasting Co: For fresh coffee and an ever fresher atmosphere, stop by Felix and bring your camera! There are gorgeous tiles inside that make you feel you're in Portugal or Spain.
    • Jack's Stir Brew Coffee: Part of the historic Roxy Hotel, this coffee spot has indoor and outdoor seating and delicious brews and bites. Pro tip: stop inside and go down to the basement level to find an insanely cool movie theatre! 

    • Maman: Serving up fresh French fare, Maman can't be missed for a lunch meeting.



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