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    What Is Press Release Syndication and Why Is It Important?

    Picture this scenario: your client is preparing to announce their Series C funding round. You start collecting all the important information you need to write a killer press release. You know your target audience, you’ve collected the interesting quotes, and included impactful data. Once you’ve chosen your press release distribution service and landed your exclusive pitch, it’s time to release the news. 

    Your press release will be syndicated if you use a large distribution service like EIN Presswire or PR Newswire. In this blog, we provide an overview of syndication and explain why it can be a valuable part of your release strategy.


    What is syndication?


    In public relations, content syndication means that when a press release is published using a distribution service, it’s then republished in multiple other media outlets and blogs across the country. Each distribution service has its own network of outlets to distribute the news, and each paid package includes different benefits.


    The value of PR syndication


    There are many benefits to syndicating a press release. It’s an opportunity for your client to receive more backlinks to their website. Especially when the content is syndicated on a website with a high domain authority score, backlinks via the boilerplate in the press release are a great way to build authority for the brand. 


    Additionally, syndication can also provide traffic to your client’s website. In fact, it’s helpful to encourage your clients to measure website traffic on the day of an announcement and in the days following it. By checking the referral traffic in Google Analytics, you can get insight into which publications drive the most web traffic. 


    Finally, when your client’s name appears on multiple high-authority websites, it increases the brand authority within their community. This added level of visibility also increases the brand's and its spokespeople's profile. Next time you pitch a thought leadership byline, the publication may be more likely to accept it when they see that the company has recently been mentioned in the media.


    It can be hard sometimes to showcase the ROI of PR or a press release for a client. Press release syndication can give your client’s next release even more bang for their buck, beyond the single newsworthy moment.  





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