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    Overheard in LA: What's Your Top Win This Month?

    You don’t need a specific or special holiday to celebrate the wins, both big and small, in life and your career. Recognizing your PR accomplishments of any size is a great way to stay inspired each day to continue developing stellar media and PR campaigns on behalf of your clients.


    We recently held one of our “Coffee with Publicists” meetups in Los Angeles, where our LA Pitch Posse got together to chat all things PR, network, and share ideas. During this event, we wanted to know our community’s top wins for the month, and here’s what they shared with us.


    Four LA PRos on their top wins

    Securing a solid placement for a client is always an exciting endeavor, and even more so in a top publication. Jonathan Lara, Account Associate at MPRM Communications, celebrates a client media hit in a well-known entertainment outlet. 


    “I got a client placed in the Hollywood Reporter daily issue.”

    A significant amount of PR work involves head-down time, particularly on research-heavy tasks like media list development and pitch drafting. However, there’s always room for bringing in a broader group of folks to share ideas and bounce angles around, particularly when a roadblock strikes. Ava D’Ambrosio is an account executive at Stanton & Company and earned feature coverage following a team brainstorm. 


    “I was struggling with pitch angles for a client and ended up brainstorming for an hour with the team and we ended up securing a feature in NY Magazine! Hard work pays off.”


    Knowing how to land and expand on behalf of clients is a gift that keeps on giving. Brooke Cashin, Account Supervisor at Stanton & Company, celebrates how one successful campaign led to another.


    “I had a successful influencer campaign and ended up securing 4 more influencers to work with.”


    Growing a roster of trusted clients and bringing in new biz is a testament to PR expertise and skill. Eric Glaser, Senior Account Manager at Sparkpr, is growing his client base and expanding his portfolio. 


    “I secured a brand new consumer client!”


    How to win with your PR this spring


    Spring has finally sprung, and it’s a great time to get together with colleagues and assess your current communications and PR strategies. A light spring cleaning helps keep your strategies fresh and functional, and is a great way to hear from a lot of different folks in your organization or on your team. 


    We’re always passionate about bringing people together in the name of collective wisdom and effective conversation, and are wishing everyone a spring blooming with PR and media wins.


    Below are a few tips to get you started on the right foot. 




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