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    Pitching Regional and Local vs. National Media

    In the world of public relations, it’s no secret that tailoring your pitch rather than blasting out something generic is the best way to go. If you’re like us, you’ve probably considered a million ways to ensure your pitch is personalized to your target while also reflecting the value that your source or client can provide them.


    Have you, however, considered how to personalize your pitch to secure a specific type of coverage? Whether you’re reaching out to secure a placement at the regional and local or national levels, it’s important to understand the nuances between these types of coverages and what elements your pitch should include to be picked up. 


    We’re breaking down what to keep in mind when pitching reporters and editors at all the levels so that you can feel prepped and primed for success during your next pitch campaign.


    Start Here: Breaking Down Regional/Local vs. National 

    While it’s important to understand newsroom structure, we’re here to say that it’s equally vital to understand the differences between working with regional/local and national media outlets. This is especially true when there can be occasional crossover between the two, in the case of local bureaus of the major daily national outlets. 


    Local and regional news outlets, like the name suggests, focus on news that is zoomed in to one area or community. While they might feature some national headlines, the coverage at these outlets is much more targeted to happenings that are close to home. National outlets, naturally, focus on big-picture news about what’s happening country-wide, and will also cover international news as well. Coverage is broader and less centered on any one group or community. 

    Something to keep in mind is that local journalism, and really journalism as a whole, has been hit pretty hard in recent years with layoffs, shrinking newsrooms, budget cuts, and more. This is a friendly reminder to be kind and patient in your outreach to folks at any level of any outlet. 


    Put Time on Your Side 


    Timing is a big thing to consider when pitching folks at both types of outlets. Consider the news cycle when pitching nationally, being careful to avoid any national holidays or remembrances. In addition, keep in mind that national news outlets tend to run around the clock due to the breadth of news they cover, but the ideal hours for outreach vary from place to place. It can be easier to reach national folks when the newsroom is less overwhelmed with breaking news, which tends to skew toward early mornings.


    As for outlets at the regional and local levels, these tend to prioritize timely and relevant stories, and you’ll want to ensure that your pitch is tied to current events or specific issues affecting the region.



    Human Interest Shapes the Story


    Stories relating to human interest, experiences, and emotions, almost always resonate, but this is particularly true at the local media level, as these outlets closely follow community happenings and updates. Local media have their fingers on the pulse of their communities, making them uniquely positioned to uncover and share stories that touch the lives of their audience.


    You can maximize the human factor in your outreach by highlighting connections between your source or client and the community. Better yet, offer local perspectives or voices to boost authenticity and relevance. Don’t forget to be specific! The more details, the merrier, when it comes to keeping the local public informed.



    Human interest elements are still important at a national level, but they don't need to be as hyper-distilled as they are at a local level. With a broader audience and wider range of topics, you can maximize the human interest element by tapping into themes and emotions that are universal to all groups. Putting faces to statistics and demystifying complex issues and topics are two ways to help your pitch stand out while keeping the human factor front and center. 


    We’re all about pulling in that pathos!



    Where to Find Local, Regional, and National Reporters (In Seconds)


    After you know what targets you want to go after, it’s important to start building lists and connecting with relevant reporters at each. But, who wants to spend hours researching relevant reporters, their recent articles, and their contact info? Not us!


    This is why we created outlet filters within the platform to better allow you to find the most relevant journalists within seconds. 


    Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 12.13.18 PM


    Here’s all you need to do: upload your pitch or a line or two about your client/news, receive your media list of all the reporters you should pitch your news to, and filter them by coverage type (regional, local, or national) to get your curated list. It’s as simple as that and then you’re off to the races.


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