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    Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Thought Leadership to Forbes

    On this week’s Pitches That Placed, we’re highlighting a pitch that landed a placement in Forbes that highlights a CEO of a company they represent. Let’s see why this pitch worked:


    Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

    Subject line: Meet with _____? AI Co-pilot improving physician accessibility

    Hi _____,

    Sending you all the well wishes and good vibes! 

    I wanted to reach out to see if you're interested in exploring a story on how _____, a software company developing an artificial intelligence (AI) co-pilot for physicians to help diagnose medical conditions, is working to improve physician accessibility and ultimately, providing a solution to alleviate the astonishing levels of physician burnout.

    Recent research revealed physicians need 26.7 hours per day to provide patients with the recommended care, in addition to the time spent completing necessary administrative tasks like updating electronic health records (EHR). 

    _____ is helping improve physician accessibility by streamlining their clinical workflows and enabling them to easily access a patient’s medical background in one, user-friendly interface. Its proprietary algorithms aggregate and then mine the entirety of a patient’s medical history through their EHR, decreasing room for error while optimizing the diagnostic and billing processes, resulting in overall improved quality of care, accurate hospital reimbursements and increased revenue while reducing the time physicians spend on documentation.

    Think this is something you'd be interested in learning more about? Happy to set up a call or email Q&A with the CEO, _____. Let me know!


    Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

    • “The pitch spoke directly to the reporter's beat. This journalist covers assisted and accessibility technologies, therefore we needed to reiterate WHY this would be of interest to him."
    • “The pitch was focused around a timely problem — the rise of physician burnout. The pitch included recent data + links that showcase what the problem is, followed by how the company is helping."
    • "It didn't go too into the weeds of the company or of the CEO. If we give the reporter the milk, why would he want the cow? It's a brief pitch that follows my favorite format — the ask/why, the problem, the solution."


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