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    Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Fast Company

    On this week's Pitches That Placed (PtP), we are highlighting a pitch consisting of an intro to the company's founders and a potential story idea that landed a feature in Fast Company. Fast Company's editorial focus is around "innovation in technology, leadership, world changing ideas, creativity, and design." Let's take a closer look and see how this pitch aligned with these goals and editorial direction.

    Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

    Subject line: Story idea for _____: Right paw vs left paw - What's the difference?

    Hi ____,

    Given your coverage on gifted dogs, I wanted to introduce you to _____ co-founders _____ and _____ as resources for any future pieces you'd like to do on canine genetic research. _____’s research as a professor at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has addressed fundamental questions of dog evolution and history, disease and trait mapping, and advancing genomic tools for canine research; while _____ traveled the world collecting dog samples and contributing to a number of scientific studies. 

    A recent study that might be of interest is on paw preference, where _____ scientists and vets had an opportunity to collect data to conduct field tests to determine if the diversity of dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is also present in their paw preferences (note, _____ has been the official dog DNA test of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show since 2019). 

    Let me know if interested, and I'd be happy to connect you/share more details.



    Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

    • "Personalized intro, with reporter’s name in the subject line and intro sentence on why this story would be a fit for her."
    • "Shared an owned research study with an easy-to-understand, fun, and relatable topic."
    • "I was able to provide immediate and exact research study details in our follow up, essentially writing the story for the reporter."




    Do you have a pitch that landed your client exceptional coverage that you want to highlight? Email us at with your pitch and 3-5 reasons why you believe it worked.

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