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    Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Modern Retail

    Kicking us off for August on Pitches That Placed (PtP) is a case study that landed a placement in Modern Retail. Not only did the placement feature images and logos, but it also took extensive data from the official case study. Modern Retail was launched in 2019 by Digiday and "covers the industry’s nuances, through the digital lens, from Amazon’s strategic shifts and their implications to stores’ recasting as experience meccas and fulfillment centers." Let's take a closer look at how (and why) this pitch placed:

    Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

    Subject line: [Company name] leverages visual AI to streamline customers’ online experience

    Hi ____ -

    The problem: [Company name], a direct-to-consumer home decor brand founded in 2017, has quickly become an industry darling for its curated collection of vintage rugs from Turkey, Morocco, and India. But as the brand expanded its inventory, it found a need for a solution that would help shoppers navigate through its massive catalog of rugs, while aligning closely with each customers’ desired design vision. 

    The solution: [Company name] found that solution (and more) in [Company name] visual AI. By leveraging [Company name] Visual Discovery Suite, [Company name] increased its conversion by 3.3X, average order value by 12.5%, and average revenue per user by 269%.  

    Would you be interested in speaking with an executive at [Company name] to talk more about how implementing visual search and personalization allowed customers to find items that best suited them? I’m also happy to put you in touch with Vered Ron-Levy, [Company name] CEO, to talk more about [Company name] tech.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, ______.


    Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

    • "Direct and clear (here’s the problem X company was having, here’s how Y company solved it)"
    • "Offered spokespeople from client and customer (third party validation, less promotional)"




    Do you have a pitch that landed your client exceptional coverage that you want to highlight? Email us at with your pitch and 3-5 reasons why you believe it worked.

    Also, check out this Coffee with a Journalist episode that goes in-depth on how to pitch reporters at Modern Retail.

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