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    Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch The Wall Street Journal

    Pitches That Placed (PtP) is a brand new blog series where our OnePitch besties and PR fans share their most successful pitches and bring greater transparency to our murky industry. This week’s pitch resulted in a feature in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and we are going in-depth with the reasons why it placed. FYI: The WSJ has an audience of 42 million digital readers per month who “seek the news and information critical to their business and personal lives.”

    Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

    Subject line: EXCLUSIVE? Climate tech platform ____ raises ____  with participation from key investor

    Hi ____ -

    I want to offer you an exclusive— ____  will soon announce its $____  funding round led by a monumental investor making a first-of-its-kind contribution. I'm not at liberty to say who the investor is at this moment, but will be able to soon and share that with you—it's a major company that will definitely capture your and your audience's attention and make a splash in the climate finance/clean energy space.

    ____ , CEO and Founder of ____ , is actually in NYC tomorrow, so I'm wondering if you would like to meet him in the morning for breakfast or coffee to fill you in on everything about ____ and what is to come. When greenlit to provide the investor name (it could be as soon as tomorrow) I will provide that to you with all accompanying details, and set up a follow up call if needed.

    Sorry for the short notice, but what do you think—are you available?

    Thanks a lot!


    Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

    • “The pitch was straight-to-the-point first six words of the pitch.”
    • “I hyped up the investor, knowing I’d be able to back it up.”
    • “I suggested the in-person briefing was simply the most convenient way to exchange information at that time, and made it clear that I would follow up ASAP with more pertinent details afterwards.”




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