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    Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Thought Leadership to CSO

    On this week’s Pitches That Placed, we’re highlighting a pitch that landed a thought leadership placement in CSO on cybersecurity from an advisory/risk management perspective. Let’s see why this pitch worked:


    Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 


    Subject line: Cybersecurity Fiduciary Duties of Board of Directors 


    Hi _____,

    "There are no IT risks, only business risks." That's the philosophy that_____, a national accounting and advisory firm, drives home when underscoring how a strong relationship between boards of directors and IT departments can enhance a company's cybersecurity posture and protect it against ransomware attacks. 

    When it comes to fiduciary duties at the board level, cybersecurity should be as high on their oversight list as the financials, according to _____. In many cases though, the board isn't pulled in until there's an active security threat or ransomware demand. 

    Are you interested in interviewing _____ about the role boards play in a company's cybersecurity posture? I've listed out four of these duties below and included an image depicting ideal governance and communication practices. Hoping you find this information valuable for your ongoing reporting particularly during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. 


    4 Cybersecurity Fiduciary Duties of Boards of Directors

    • Require a comprehensive enterprise risk management process and analyze the actual risks a cyber threat poses to a company achieving all of its business goals. 
    • Support and promote IT's cybersecurity initiatives while holding management responsible for implementation and ensuring front-line defenders have adequate resources and training.
    • Ensure the company is in adherence with IT-related government regulations. 
    • Evaluate internal cybersecurity measures and evaluate third-party IT providers frequently. 


    Thanks and let me know if I can connect you with _____. 



    Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

    • “I was straightforward in my first sentence, providing substance and a clear takeaway without coming off as clickbait.”
    • “Crafted the subject line and first few sentences of my pitch by thinking through the potential headline and lede paragraph of the garnered news story.”
    • “Refrained from cluttering the pitch with too much of my source's expertise, credentials, accolades, etc. I only included his title and hyperlinked his name to his company's bio page. The key points were compelling, insightful, relevant and organized enough that the editor was interested in assigning the story to a freelancer to conduct the interview.” 
    • “The end of the pitch included 4 bullet points with examples of the "duties" I mentioned in the subject line. Three of these 4 duties were addressed in the article.”




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    Do you have a pitch that landed your client exceptional coverage that you want to highlight? Email us at with your pitch and 3-5 reasons why you believe it worked.


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