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    What Distinguishes a Good PR Pro From a Great One?

    Behind every great brand is a killer PR professional or team working to make it all appear seamless. PR plays a crucial part in shaping and managing an organization's public image, enhancing brand reputation, and navigating complex communication challenges. 

    But what separates a good PR professional from a great one? Let’s dig in. 

    Excellent Communication Skills

    Communication is at the core of public relations. Top-notch PR pros possess the ability to understand their target audience, the product/brand they represent, and effectively distill complex information into clear and compelling messages. But even the most skilled pitchers are humble — they constantly seek out new ideas and tactics that other pros have tried to push themselves to get better and better. Our series, Pitches That Placed, is a great resource to leverage to learn from what is working for other PR pros. 

    Adaptability and Creativity

    While ideally, your company/client has a constant cadence of newsworthy moments — in reality, that often isn’t the case. The best PR professionals stay in tune with everything pertaining to the business. When there aren’t any hard news moments, they are still constantly strategizing about how to spin what is going on into the current media landscape. PR pro, Candice Nicole, CEO of Candice Nicole Public Relations, calls this a visibility mindset.  

    Strong Relationship-Building Skills

    Building and maintaining meaningful relationships form the cornerstone of effective public relations. As detailed in our blog post, The 7 Types of Public Relations, a good PR professional excels at forging connections with journalists, influencers, internal stakeholders, and clients. They understand the importance of building trust and credibility and invest time and effort into nurturing each of these relationships in the ways they individually require. 

    Digital Savviness

    To stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry, the best PR pros harness the power of digital tools. Technology empowers PR professionals to elevate their performance, deliver better results and save precious time. For instance, OnePitch's proprietary matching technology analyzes pitches and delivers precise media lists, eliminating the manual work required to source journalist outreach.

    While there is no secret sauce to becoming a great PR professional, those with strong communication skills, adaptability, and the ability to foster long-term relationships set themselves apart in the industry.

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