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    Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Surveys to Fast Company

    On this week’s Pitches That Placed, we’re highlighting a pitch that landed coverage in Fast Company for a brand new employee survey report.

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    Let’s see why this pitch worked:


    Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

    Email #1:

    Subject line: DATA: 88% of Employees Expect Employers To Educate Them on Finances

    Hi _____,

    Nine out of 10 employees now expect employers to support them with their finances, proving personalized financial wellness resources are no longer a nice-to-have benefit, they’re a mandatory offering. 

    These findings come from _____, a leader in ______, after surveying more than 1,500 employees and HR professionals in its _____ survey launching this month. More key findings include:

    • 72% of employees are stressed about their finances, up from 65% last year
      • Rising inflation (79%) is the top financial concern, followed by retirement planning (59%)
    • Worsening financial health is impacting both mental health (77%) and physical health (52%) in employees
      • Only 13% demonstrate basic financial literacy – a 7% decrease from 2021

    Any interest in seeing the full survey report, under embargo, ahead of its launch on May 24?


    Follow-up #1:

    Subject line: SURVEY DATA: Most Americans Can’t Answer Basic Financial Literacy Questions 

    Hi _____, 

    Financial literacy is in crisis. A new survey from ____, a financial wellness platform, reveals that only 13% of workers can answer four out of five financial literacy questions correctly – a steep decline from 20% in 2021. 
    Can I share the full survey, which includes the five questions and which percent of Americans answered correctly, with you under embargo until May 24?
    The survey report and release also detail more financial insights with relevant data on the inflated market, stress impacts, employees/employers in the workplace and the Great Resignation. Interested? 

    Follow-up #2:

    Subject line: 5/24 LIVE DATA: Financial Wellness Platform Releases New Survey

    Hi ___,

    The 2022 ____ survey from ____, a financial wellness platform, is launching tomorrow with compelling financial insights and relevant data surrounding current impacts on market changes, employee well-being, personal finance and stress, employer expectations and DE&I efforts.

    Any interest in seeing the embargoed report before it launches tomorrow?


    Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

    • “Data is king. In the first pitch, there’s data in the subject line, data in the intro and bulleted data points – a gold mine for journalists!"
    • "Persistence is key. We sent strategic follow-up pitches 2-3 times in the couple weeks leading up to the survey launch with new data and the specific date of the survey launch in the subject line(s)."
    • "This strategy prompted media to hold onto survey data post-launch, resulting in continued coverage for more than six months after the announcement."


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